About Us

About Us

GLAM EMPIRE was created with the mindset of being glamorous and building empires. Catering to both women and juniors, who are not only fashionable but on a positive journey to success and leadership. We want our customers to feel glamorous, confident, sexy and powerful in every aspect of their lives from the inside out. GLAM Empire is driven to motivate and teach our customers to feel good in what they wear, take pride in themselves, and never compromise their character.

"Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will." ~ Ann Klein

Staying true to who you are is what we stand for, offering you encouragement is why we started, and making sure you look fabulous while doing so is the reason we will keep going.  It's beyond just what you wear, but what you can do!


How We Started

Glam Empire was launched on November 22, 2012 on Thanksgiving Day by CEO and Founder Gina J. She felt Thanksgiving would be the perfect day to give thanks for the manifestation of her dreams. Gina has always been a giving person, a great role model, and doing kind-hearted things for others. She felt building Glam Empire would be the perfect platform to do what she loves in fashion, styling, and design to help inspire others to live out their dreams. Gina has broken down why she chose the name Glam Empire. "Glam" was chosen because she wanted a word that would represent who she is and her first name starts with four letters and a G, "Empire" because she feels it's important as a woman to be in alignment with your goals, step into your power, and take ownership of whatever you want out of life! It's fits perfectly if you ask us.... Gina was born for this, she's the connoisseur of all things Glamorous!